The Art Of Documentary Wedding Photography

Documentary wedding photography is an observational style in taking pictures of a wedding, wherein a documentary wedding photographer records very authentic and candid moments taking place during the course of a wedding day.

Furthermore, if this photography style has been greatly mastered, collections of photographs as well as individual photographs will genuinely and authentically communicate the subject and scene. Subjects, just like any other documentary work, must be snapped in context, bearing the veritable story and environment.

Documented photographs must be capable of conveying to the viewer what is transpiring at that precise moment without having to explain or give details about it any further.

For photographers who take on the documentary style of taking photographs, wedding ceremonies are the best moments to capture since the multiplicity of emotions throughout that day makes the event quite distinctive. From pre-wedding jitters to the joys of saying “I do” to emotional speeches and then ending the day with high vigor and jubilation of dancing and amusement.

Taking Good Documentary Photographs

Good documentary photographs rise from effectively narrating a story through the photographs you take, not only by documenting events or scenes as they develop, but also by giving a sense or feeling of how and what it felt like to be there at that moment. Below are a few tips to capture those genuine moments that tell a bigger story:

Allow the Couple to Relish the Day

On the day of the wedding, both the bride and groom, for the most of the time, must be joyfully unaware of your being there. They are aware that it is your job to take photos, but don’t get in their faces or do things that may encroach or intrude or even ruin the enjoyment of the nuptial. Being discreet or low-key, but in the precise place and time is a tough act to balance and you have to get it right.

Take a Cautious Approach

Photographing a wedding could entail long-hours of non-stop work. Sustaining your artistic and psychological focus is challenging as both your mind and body get exhausted. Nonetheless, regardless how exhausted you get, it is particularly crucial to be careful and mindful of every photo you take. Randomly taking pictures will result in numerous of mediocre images that would be of not much value to you as well as your clients.

Offer Something Distinctive

Your portfolio has to be consistently solid so as for prospective clients to easily fathom what you have to offer. Think about that unique offer which sets you apart from other photographers.