Summer Stories

In the world of photography, time-lapse is relatively simple but it is incredibly hard to perfect. It is something that requires great amount of diligence and patience. Sunrises and sunsets create additional challenge as comparatively quick changes to the light levels required in-depth attention.

Not Look Easy as it seems

Instead of setting up intervalometer and then wait around for long period of time, you need to review the images and accordingly adjust the exposure.

Still looks and sound simple? Well that is not how you think it is. It is due to the reason that every tweak made on the exposure would generate flickers which is noticeable in the end result of time-lapse footage. And guess what, it will take significant amount of work and effort to remove and fine print it.

Empower Yourself

If this is your first time doing time-lapse, then it is highly recommended that you invest time in doing research on the best practices to make it happen. At the same time, consider joining photography forums or community to get techniques on how it could be done. Of course, see to it that you have the right equipment and gears as well as software and hardware to generate finest quality time-lapses.