Hello My Name Is

Films are acknowledged widely as a high form of art for it least constitutes a number of art genres. Film for example may be using imagery like paintings as a mean to indirectly drive a message, be based on literary material and whatnot.

This has given films a broader scale in outdoing all other kinds of art forms when it comes to attaining the purpose to which they’re designed to.

It’s like Technology, it never stops Evolving

Years have gone by, art even at the most basic form like painting when men can do was paint animal pictures on cave walls to the era of CGI may be taken at basic levels and used as another form of expressing oneself. People inherited the quality of telling stories of their own achievements and this was among the ways of leaving something for other generations in seeing what their ancestors may do.

Beyond Basics

From then on, art keeps advancing and with that, the reasons to which it was made become refined. Up until 1950s, movies were primarily made for entertainment. Gradually though, the impact of war has made people to realize the films can be used more than entertainment.

They realize that it could be used as a way to represent life, people’s struggles and hardship, fulfillment and achievement and a lot of other things. All of which made movies an art in its own form.