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There’s a gap between canvas art and metal art painting. Still, the fundamentals remain almost the same. However, the challenges are going to be different for each. As for potential buyers, they can find metal art paintings in virtually any market, which is why it is essential to know the basic differences between these two.

Soft Canvas vs. Hard Metal

Metal is without a doubt harder than canvas. For first-time buyer, they might need to step out of their comfort zone to appreciate metal art.

While there are different types of metal preparation becomes essential, even some of the technically acclaimed artists have to gear up to face new challenges.


Among the major differences between these two types of painting is that metal is susceptible to rusting. Due to the reason that metal wall artworks are done over metal surfaces, we can’t eliminate rusting to come into play.

Oftentimes, rusting is a typical problem with virtually any kind of ferrous metal. Fortunately, there are measures that could be done to minimize its risks. One basic alternative is by selecting metals that are known to have resistance or immunity to rusting. By taking time to do research, you are bound to find just one.