The Art of Traveling Alone

Traveling has been my escape from reality ever since I started working. I see it necessary in order to unwind and take a little day off from the toxic environment people. Also, I deem traveling as a form of art. Art is an expression of what’s on our minds. It is also a way to see what’s inside us based on the colors, patterns, and lines. Similar to traveling, wherein we can know more about ourselves and the world better.

Even though traveling is a common habit of most of us, I still think that most people are not that maximizing travel a lot. Traveling will be appreciated more if you are able to travel alone. It is kind of frightening yes, but you will grow and learn a lot from it. You will realize that you are capable of doing such a thing. I have tried it before and I would say that it is not that easy to take a leap of faith.

At first, I keep telling my friends that I cannot actually do it because I am not the type of person who likes to explore things and do things on her own. After a few years, I have seen that many of them tried it and it changed them a lot. They keep saying that it is the best decision that they have ever made. Although our parents were opposed to that kind of decision basically because parents are always thinking that something bad will happen to us.

When I finally made my decision to travel outside the country alone, I chose Singapore because it is a small country yet has a very good mass transportation system. Also, I believe that I have to start small.

I did not struggle from preparing and planning on where to stay and how many days because there are a lot of travel services online that you can check such as They provide you with a quote of how much you are gonna need and how many days depending on your purpose. Whether your goal of traveling is work or leisure, they will do the work of computing the costs.