The Artistic Design of the Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The appearance of the bagless type of vacuum cleaner from Dyson is a relevant sign that the industry has already been transformed by functional development.

Considered as one of the best vacuum cleaner, Dyson’s penetration on the market today become the reference standard of appliance modernism over the globe. Moreover, Dyson has give rise to groups of reproductions from similar established companies who initially renounced to empower its neophyte invention.

Performance and its artistic design

The design of the Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner or Dual Cyclone machine contains a cyclone outside it as its name implies. At around 200 mph, the outer cyclone rotates removing large fragments and dusts. On the other hand, it also has an inner cyclone which rotates at an average speed of 924 mph. Cyclone inside the machine produces a massive pulling force thus absorbing minute dust and particles, even cigarette smoke.

Moreover, a cyclonic suction structure which is totally bagless is being utilized as its design. This art gives a set of conic cylinders which is seven in numbers. The purpose of this design is to permit the cylinders to gain a blistering centrifugal force. Aside from that, it permits the vacuum machine to keep a constant absorption incomparable with other bag or bagless producer.

The improvement of life through artistic design

Also similar concepts of dust collection had been incorporated for producing the vacuum cleaners of the 20th century. It is just the appearance that was transformed. And because of this, the designer behind it tend to remodel the mechanism and urge that its performance actuate its artistic design.

James Dyson, the designer of this innovative vacuum cleaner, chose to construct its cyclonic system with bright colors. Meanwhile, he kept the dust bin clear and transparent. But, sad to say, many consumers do not want this kind of creepy idea.

Further, for Dyson, its artistic design of a transparent bin can cater the advantage of determining the fullness of it and watching the cyclones movement. According to Dyson it is such a delightful thing to see what’s inside the vacuum machine. And it may even be subjected to artistic photography.

With this, more consumers and well-established manufacturers agreed. One of the representation of the Dyson’s design is the incorporation of the clear bin.