Tips in Setting Up a Crafting Business

Putting up a crafty business could be a beneficial work for you and even your friends to do. Imagine turning your, used to be passion, into something you monetized for. Perfect!

Craft business has become overly popular these days, especially for artists who does not only want to show off their creativity through crafting, but as well as making a living through it.

Since people are most likely into these things too, they have become more supportive of local and crafty products. But the question now is, how do you start your own craft business?

Today, this blog will help you out!


Choose A Product

It is important that you focus on one product as you start your business. Most common mistakes people do when starting a craft business is that they come up with so many ideas. The thing is, you need to take this slowly and gradually. Start with one after the other.



Choose a really creative and unique brand name that suits your craft business. If you are more into weaving you can come up with a branding name that rhymes with weaving or weave. Or you can just go something personal like, KATIE´S GUILT HOBBIES.

Decide Where to Sell

More likely, people are going online. But not everyone, it is still a perfect idea to sell offline and in store. You can collaborate with local bazaar and other artists to make sure you can target the right customers.

If you opt to sell online, you can also choose to focus on one channel or get your own website to makes things easier and smooth.