Creative Ideas to Make Homework Fun

Giving homework to students should be treated the same as providing lessons for them. It must have a goal for each students to attain. However, the unfortunate reality is that many teachers are dealing with it as an extension of their classroom lesson. Yet, students must not have to take the burden of making those homework at a boring phase at home.

Consider homework as a challenge as it connotes a positive impression for students.

Nowadays, students are more creative, adventurous, and experimental. That’s why the conventional homework style might not work for them which make them to call for assignment writing help. Thus, the goal must not be achieve after finishing the task. But, good news, there are some homework ideas that are more engaging and may arouse the interest of the students. Moreover, these homework versions will help the students to learn things that cannot be found inside the classroom.

Creative and Fun Homework Ideas

Aside from artistic photography, here are some of the ideas of homework that can be given to students. It can be classified into the following categories:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Digital utilization
  • Social works
  • Outdoor activities
  • Games

Arts and crafts

  • Create a fictional character into a hand puppet

This is somehow similar to a book review. However, it comes with a slight twist as the students creativity is tested through transforming the characters from the book into puppets. It is important that the students read the book in order to know more information about the book character.

Digital utilization

  • Make a 10-minute video about life

Letting the students to shoot a video about their life story for about 10 minutes is one great challenge. The students will prepare a script and a storyboard. Afterwards, they will do the filming and movie editing. With this homework activity, you will be able to get to know your students as well as they will be able to know each other.

Outdoor activities

  • Coupon Games

Activities like this allow the students to collect coupons as many as possible by visiting a single store. Instruct them to write the original product’s price and compute for the discount afterwards. This may help the students to compute for the percentage and use mathematical calculations in real life.