Choosing the Right Medium for Your Art

If you are new to painting, choosing the right medium must be really a struggle for you. It sometimes so frustrating that it leads you to the point of not pursuing it… But atleast today, that changes.

Today, these tips will be of help in making sure that beginners like you will have the right guide to choosing the right medium for your kind of art. Let’s check this out!

Oil Painting

Oil paint is slow drying, allowing for more time to make changes and to blend colours. Oil refracts the colour pigment in the paint for a beautiful, rich glowing colour.

Great for realism, blending and detail, oil can also be used for experimental and playful methods of abstraction.

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic paints, media and products are almost all nontoxic. Acrylic is known for its fast drying qualities but is also available in slow-drying forms.

A wide variety of acrylic products are available to customize paint and to personalize preferences in surface absorbency, texture and sheen. Fast-drying acrylic paints are great for layering while slow-drying acrylics imitate the look and feel of an oil.

Watercolour Painting

Watercolour naturally creates transparency. This medium’s water-soluble nature allows for some changes even after it has dried.

Because watercolour is usually applied to paper, the paint will sink into and stain the surface, making the paint difficult to remove fully once dry.

When finished, watercolour paintings need protection, such as being framed behind glass, due to the paper being not as archival as panel or canvas as well as the nonpermanent nature of the watercolour paint.