Child growth: Importance of painting

Child development means continuous change and further development in intellectual, motor, social, emotional and creative terms. Painting supports intellectual development because, among other things, it promotes spatial intelligence. The perception of the visual world, the transformation, the modification and the reproduction sharpen the view, the “inner image” and the comparison with the resulting image.

Communal painting means inspiring each other to pursue common goals and at the same time developing tolerance for other solutions. Painting supports self-confidence emotionally. Creating something that lasts, that is not lost, motivates children who want to imitate adults.

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Of course, creative development is promoted to a large extent through artistic activity. Being creative also means thinking creatively, daring non-conforming solutions, courageously and playfully even with difficult tasks. These are competencies that are required again and again later.

Which positive aspects are promoted by painting?

Creative action and painting create courage and self-confidence, the initiative is encouraged and the willingness to let your imagination run wild. Painting supports both fine and gross motor skills, which is later important for acquiring reading and spelling skills. Hand-eye coordination is supported.

When trying to reproduce what has been seen through creative action, a comparison of proportions takes place. The three-dimensional is transported to the two-dimensional space that encourages visual perception and abstract-logical thinking. Children who paint observe their surroundings more thoughtfully, this supports the ability to concentrate and thus also their entire intellectual development.

Does painting affect children’s emotional development?

Through the process of creating and acting, children experience themselves as a self-determined, acting being. The result makes them proud, they can hold their “product” in their hands and share it with others. It is therefore important not to evaluate pictures and artistic works in the sense of judging but rather to appreciate them.

How are the creativity and cognitive development of a child related?

Talent potential can only be used if it can develop. There are various models of talent with regard to cognitive development and the demonstrated performance. In addition to numerous other influences such as motivation, talent, and environment, creativity is a vital characteristic that results in a development in the performance shown.