Building a Career as a Fashion Stylist : Things to Know

Not many are aware that one can have an influential job in the garments industry or fashion houses without the need to conceptualize or draw innovative designs. In becoming a fashion stylist, your main responsibility to the people or company you work for, is to give accurate fashion advice. These are mostly recommendations about clothing ensembles, coordinates or accessories to use in promoting a new clothing line or in dressing up a celebrity or important personality.

An example is a garment company that specifically manufactures outfits for active wear. A fashion stylist makes sure that the active wear models are wearing the proper accessories, hairstyle, makeup and other articles of clothing that pose as fitting coordinates for the brand of sportswear being promoted.

Not a few Hollywood celebrities hire a fashion stylist to make certain that they always appear stylishly dressed in public; or show up in special events wearing outfits to impress fans and fashion critics. It would be a letdown of course, if a fashion stylist’s advice lands a celebrity in the “worst dressed” list of a red carpet event. Being stylish after all, is not just about wearing something opulent to denote status; but also to indicate having the best sense and taste for sophisticated dressing.

Who Qualifies as a Fashion Stylist?

Fashion Stylists must have a set of skills that can convince potential employers of their ability to produce positive results as a reputable fashion adviser.
Basically, a fashion stylist must have completed a bachelor in arts course that impart knowledge about designs, color schemes, fashion history, fashion trends and understanding of facial features and body shapes.

Knowledge of body shapes include in-depth understanding of how to use art and design in dressing up people in the most flattering ways.

Having sharp marketing, advertising and networking skills are plus factors because having good rapport with suppliers, promoters and influencers can provide a fashion stylist with the right insights about current and emerging fashion trends. Still, effectively combining one’s background in education and experience, with one’s natural talent will go a long way in building a reputation as a fashion stylist in the world of fashion and glamour.

What to Write When Applying for Work as a Fashion Stylist

While many celebrities choose fashion stylists they know from recommendations, or by looking at their past stints with other popular personalities, there are companies that offer entry level positions to those willing to work as assistants to fashion stylists.

Here, your letter of application is only a mere introduction about yourself and brief mention of the qualifications and skills that make you believe you are the right person to get hired as a fashion stylist’s assistant. Your letter of application must be accompanied by a curriculum vitae that contains important personal details such as your name, residential address, email address, contact number, educational attainment, professional references, awards and link to your online creative portfolio.

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