Drawing Versus Printed: Which One Is Better Art?

Digital Drawing


The nice thing about a digital drawing is of course that you can have it printed as often as you want using a printer like a Brother printer that you already have (which requires a Brother HL L2370DW driver to be set up before printing of course). But deciding what to have it printed on can be quite a challenge. I would like to help you with some nice tips to display your special personal drawing as beautifully as possible in your home.

Hahnemühle paper

The fine art Hahnemühle paper is a type of paper that has been produced since 1584. This paper is matte and there is another subtle structure to see which gives it an authentic and exclusive look. It is also sturdy enough to be able to place without a photo frame if you do not (yet) have a suitable frame. I have placed an order with myposter.nl three times so far to have my drawings printed on Hahnemühle paper and am very satisfied with the result. Keep in mind that it can take more than 4 days before you receive your order.

Scooped paper

Despite the fact that I don’t have anything in the house on this material, it is still a personal favorite. Scooped paper. What kind of paper? Scooped paper can be recognized by the characteristic visible frayed scoop edge on 1 or more sides of the sheet. Handmade paper is scooped in a traditional way with, yes, the hand but can also be made with a special press. After a short search on google, I ended up at printcarrier.com where I will definitely place an order soon. It is not cheap so I am very curious about the quality. I will keep you informed of my findings.


A drawing on glass, I hadn’t thought about that myself. A while ago I made a drawing for a family that let me draw a very cool wedding photo with their children. Complete with angelic dresses, tough Dr. Martens, denim jackets, and fathers with an impressive beards. For a family with such its own style, of course, an original way of printing also fits. The drawing was first printed by herself on transparent sticker foil and then stuck on the glass. Nice to put on the windowsill, for example, so that you can admire the photo from outside and inside.

There are of course countless more different ways and materials to have your drawing printed on. Wood, aluminum, or even photo wallpaper (in this case your drawing can be delivered in an even larger file) are a number of options that you can look at. But the most important thing is to choose something that you like and suits you.


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