Activating Your Creative Minds

You have to commit yourself if you want to become a successful artist someday. However, you have to know as well that there’s no correct way of learning art. The great news is, it is possible for anyone to become an artist, so long as they are dedicated in what they are doing. Art is a form of self-expression through different mediums such as:

  • Digital Media
  • 2-Dimensional or 2D and;
  • 3-Dimensional or 3D

There are so many people who wish to explore art and eventually, become discouraged long before they reach the concept or idea behind it. Everyone has somewhere to start but in art, where does it actually begins? Making a decision to be an artist is the initial step in nurturing and honing your skills. If you are having a hard time in finding out how to start the process, don’t worry as there are several steps or strategies that can boost your artistic journey.

Art Supplies and Proper Mindset

The very first thing that you should consider before you start experimenting with art is to what medium you are comfortable working with. Are you an artist who prefers ink or graphite, pastel or paint or perhaps, you are the type of person you want to work digitally.

In this regard though, let us focus on using paper and pencil until you get the hang of it. You should look for a place that will stimulate your creativity. If you are in a place that has negative vibe in it or is distracting, it could impede your flow of creativity.

Better to clean and prepare your workstation before starting so you can stay focused on the task at hand. If everything is organized and tidy in your surroundings, nothing is going to distract you.

On the Subject of Practice

When you are practicing, you must clear out how much time you are willing to commit. Needless to say, the more you spend on drawing, the faster you are going to make progress. It is handy if you have a sketchbook and add it to your routine. If you are experiencing lots of downtime from your job or getting plenty of breaks from school, take advantage of this to increase the frequency of your practice.

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