YouTube Chose The Most Viewed Video in 2020 From Artists and Creatives Alike

Artists and Creatives have continuously uploaded videos online for entertainment and education purposes. Now Youtube has announced the top list of the most-watched videos this year. Most content is directly or indirectly – related to Corona.

Although YouTube doesn’t allow downloading videos directly from the site, there are third-party apps that make this possible. You can use an online application, clip converter to download your favorite videos.

2020 has an influence on corona epidemics and is partially viewed in the annual hit list of the most popular videos published by YouTube. The video portal calculates the display of the videos that have been uploaded from January 2020 to November 15, which have been uploaded to YouTube. However, music videos, film trains, and children’s videos are excluded from this product.

The most popular YouTube videos (without music video) in 2020

It is not surprising that it is a corona educational video of the most popular videos in 2020. “Corona just starts” is absolutely no coincidence. Dr. May Thi Nguyen-Kim, a chemist and a scientific reporter, led a mission that gives a young and curious audience a young and curious audience with information about the current scientific subject in a light and accessible language.

Second place is a different kind of educational video. Virtual exhibitions “Male World”, Joko Wintersscheidt, and Klaas Heufer circulation focused on the structural discrimination against the “exhibition” of the “exhibition” in the company in the company in May of the year in society. I was clearly shocked by the lives of other women. Sophie Passmann and colleagues Palina Rojinski supported the cause. BibisBeautyPalace is third. Who will guide you with a viewer through their luxurious properties?

The most popular music video on YouTube 2020

The most popular music videos were supplied to Loredana and Juju as “No Words”. Everything, Switzerland Wrapper Loredana is a general song “acquisition” (third) (third) (third place) and her song “fear” (10th) and her song “fear” (10th) three times. Other German actions in the list are Samra (“White”), Apache 207 (“Fame”), AK slicer (“My Benz”) and Forster (“Virgenen”).

Effect of Corona on YouTube trend

The side effects of closed closure with Corona are reflected in the trend of YouTube. For example, message channels that not only received attention more attention but also received a video of “fitness” and areas “home education” and in the field of cooking and back videos.

In 2020 the most popular video from Dr. Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim also known as Thi Nguyen-Kim starts on April 2, 2020. She started on 2 April 2015.