What Exactly Is Art, and Why Do We Need It?

The Duden defines art as “creative design from the most varied of materials or with the means of language, of tones in confrontation with nature and the world”.

The special thing about art is that it is so diverse and therefore there are so many different ways to interpret it.

How can you still define art?

There are many other definitions that express certain aspects of the term.

Here are just a few of the ones you hear more often:

  • Art is a form of self-expression
  • Art resides in the quality of doing
  • Art is the activity that expresses beauty
  • Art is the most intense form of individualism the world has ever seen
  • Art is every creative work of a person
  • Art is not a thing
  • Art is a discovery and development of elementary natural principles into beautiful forms suitable for human use.

Great art arouses strong feelings.

Film, music, and theater are all examples of art that serve to impress and make people happy. When films, songs, or plays are produced for a particular audience or intent, however, the art starts to deliberately elicit deeper feelings in the spectator. There are also pieces of art that elicit passionate debates on a global scale. Works of art that challenge social expectations and have the potential to transform society’s behavior.

What is art

  • Art is more than a hobby; it is a way of life.
  • Art is a talent, not just a skill.
  • Art is more than just a picture – it tells a story.

It’s not surprising that art resonates so deeply with human nature that we’ve all made it a part of our lives. Some people believe that art is uninteresting. However, it is precisely this type of art that can entertain, increase consciousness, and enhance appreciation for welcoming alien cultures, no matter how weird they can seem to you.

In the fight against intolerance against other cultures and views, racism, and other types of social demarcation, art plays a critical role. Art contributes to the proper recognition of personalities and communities around the world.

What is art now? For us, art is a form of creative expression that enriches the human experience by triggering emotions, asking questions and pushing boundaries.

The functions of art

All of the above definitions and theories are equally applicable. People’s reactions to art are so diverse that it serves a variety of purposes at the same time. It’s close to using air conditioning, and where you live decides how hot or cold it can be at certain times of the year. If you need an air conditioner, call air conditioning installation Sydney for expert technicians who can design a system that allows you to take advantage of natural ventilation while lowering your energy costs and keeping you and your family happy.

In their book ” Art As Therapy “, Alain De Botton and John Armstrong explain how art enables us to grow in our self-image, our understanding of our counterpart and our understanding of our world.

  • Memory – Artists not only keep a visual copy of a memory, they also record the emotions associated with the memory.
  • Hope – Art reminds us that there is beauty in the world that we can see, appreciate, and obtain for ourselves.
  • Grief – Not only does it expand our ability to be happy, it also illustrates our grief.
  • Realignment -By taking the time to consider, judge, and enjoy things, we can achieve harmony through art. The most valuable solutions come from the things we don’t usually see.
  • Growth – Art forces you to react and to put yourself in situations that you are not used to.
  • Appreciation – Art helps us to rediscover the value of everyday things that we may have lost before.
  • Self- conception – Art helps us complete our own undersigned thoughts and ideas.