Top 12 YouTube Art Channels For Kids

Boy drawing using crayons


Art isn’t something that comes naturally to everybody. The best artists need to devote plenty of hours, optimizing their natural ability. When somebody like me, who’s essentially no art gift attempts to help my children enjoy artwork, well…it does not normally turn out also.

That is the reason it was critical that I find another person to educate my kiddos art course. What better means to do that than locate simple art courses on YouTube?

YouTube artwork less simply dandy but we immediately found the art courses on YouTube left a great deal to be desired. With tens of thousands of videos that you can watch (or even download using Yt to mp4), just a few seemed to be of great quality.

I really don’t know about you, but that I do not like weeding through these tens of thousands of art courses on YouTube every single time my kiddo wishes to devote the day to producing artwork. That is why I rounded my own favorite artwork channels and I’m sharing them with you!


12 Channels for Your Ideal Art Lessons About YouTube


The Art Sherpa

Follow along and make some stunning acrylic art use TheArtSherpa. She has well over 1,000 unique videos which last anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours. Her spunky personality, together with her art-inspired style makes her attractive to children and grownups alike. Regardless of what you would like to paint, she has something you will enjoy!

Drawing Pop Artwork for Children

If your small artists do not have much of the attention span nonetheless, PopArtDoodle is precisely what you have been on the lookout for. Using fun and vivid drawings, every video is about 3 minutes but produces fun and amazing art that children are going to enjoy!


Children love animations and FaceDrawer will help them produce their own work with their favorite characters. With everything out of Luigi into Star Wars, children will delight in these fast and effortless art courses on YouTube.

Katie Jobling

Katie Jobling is an enjoyable young woman who provides excellent art tutorials. We adore her because she reveals a whole good deal of videos in her life, like the significance of owning a calm workspace. Her painting movies cover everything from roses to waterfalls and she utilizes mainly oil and watercolors.

Art for Kids Hub

Quick and effortless art courses on YouTube really are easy to find but they are generally not the best quality. Artwork for children Hub has struck out of the playground with their entertaining videos which make drawing fun and so easy. Whether or not you would like to draw Santa or the Incredibles, they have got a lesson you will love.


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Angela Anderson

If you have ever been to a paint celebration at a local craft shop, you are aware of how much fun they could be! I have wanted for years that I was able to create the exact identical sort of celebration in the home, without having to spend a ton of money on lessons. Angela Anderson has produced a wonderful art course on YouTube which is precisely what I had been looking for! She covers everything from interesting child paintings to farmhouse-inspired art. You merely should decide on a movie and have to work.

Alfonso Dunn Art Tutorials

If you have ever imagined producing stunning works of art utilizing nothing more than pencil and pen, AlfonsoDunn is the man. How he teaches so obviously and clarifies why does exactly what he can help young musicians to view art in an entirely new manner.

Circle Line Art School

If you’re searching for something somewhat more complex for older children, make sure you look at CircleLineArtSchool. They cover everything out of standpoint on the way to draw optical illusions. I’d say this station works great with experienced artists or older children having the fundamentals down nicely.

Vamos Art

If you’re searching for a challenge for budding musicians, Drawing3DArt will surely give it! With several hundred movies readily available, you can find out everything from drawing on geometric shapes to the way to deceive your eye. It is a hard and tedious task but also the results are amazing.

Quick Fire Artwork

Learn how to enhance drawing facial expressions, shadings so much more using Quick Fire Artwork. While this station is smaller compared to many others on the record, how she describes things makes her among our favorites. Additionally, they are always adding new art lesson about YouTube for one to test.

Art a la Carte

If you have ever wanted to understand to make calligraphy with crayons or how to produce your own decals, Art a la Carte has you covered. Not only can they supply thorough art courses on YouTube, but they also teach you to create artwork, the exterior of paint, and colored pens.


Learn How to draw everything out of Justin Bieber into Peppa Pig with MyHowToDraw’s fast and simple tutorials. They do not really do some voiceovers about the movies but do provide written directions throughout each measure. I have found this has helped my children know just what they will have to perform, without the joys of”little talk” that a few videos provide.

Next time that your kiddos feel just as getting cluttered with paint and invisibly pen lead throughout their face, take a look at these art courses on YouTube and then allow them to go mad. All things considered, the artwork is great for your soul since it’s the entire body. By learning how to make artwork, understand the concepts, and boost their abilities, children will acquire coordination and confidence.