Quick Steps to Improve SEO

SEO continues to grow, evolve, and innovate which is why it’s smart to improve your SEO.  If SEO is planned and done right this can lead to a lot of benefits to your website’s web traffic, and thousands of people visiting your site. 

We’ll take you from there… before you contact an SEO company to do the improvements, let us offer some quick help for you… Here’s a guide to help you on how to improve SEO effectively.

Provide Relevant Content

“Dwell time” is the time visitors spend on your website. This can affect your SEO ranking. When you provide high-quality content on your site, this increases your customer’s dwell time.

Strong content that is relevant and relatable keeps visitors stay longer browsing your website. In time, it also turns them into interested potential customers. Based on research, the best content is between 2,000 – 2,500 words. With that long content, you can already attract visitors checking your site. 

Most importantly, make sure that you write original contents. Original contents are unique contents. When your posts are originally made it can attract visitors’ interest effortlessly.

Page Load Speed

According to Yahoo, 80% of a Web page’s load time is spent downloading your website’s images, stylesheets, and scripts. To rank on Google search you must have a fast load speed on your website. To do so, reduce the number of requests to help speed up your site. 

Also, check unnecessary files from time to time. Delete files that aren’t useful and only update files when needed. Choosing the right website hosting makes a huge difference. With a dedicated server, you can have much more space. Hiring the best SEO company like Gold Coast SEO makes sure that you have a good loading speed too.

Adjust Site’s Navigation and Internal Links

Google gives the highest-ranking to those pages in your navigation. Since these are linked from essentially every page on your site. Make sure your site’s navigation is clean. Refrain adding links to more than 5 important pages. You can also check your analytics to see which pages get traffic that you can link.

Image With Alt Text

Adding alt text to images is considered the simplest and easiest way to get traffic. Alt tags are so-called alternative text descriptions. These allow search engines to locate pages that are crucial especially for those text-only browsers.

Use the Right Keywords

The best way for search engines to find you is by creating a list of keywords that people might use to find your brand online. 

You can also make use of analytics to figure out which content is getting the most visitors. Then make the connection to the main keywords you use in those pieces of content.