Proper Way of Preserving Artworks in a Storage Unit

Art could be subjective. To some, they may see it as a beautiful masterpiece but to some, it might just be a mess. On the other hand, everyone can agree that a damaged artwork is an eyesore. Regardless if you consider yourself as an art connoisseur or a casual collector, there are several ways that can be done to not damage the artwork.

Preparing the Piece for Storage

To be able to keep the artwork in its optimal condition when putting it in storage Brighton, it is essential to prepare it in advance.

Start by cleaning the painting gently using a microfiber cloth. This process will help you to get rid of any dirt or dust that have accumulated in it. Once it is clean, use plastic wrap or a piece of cloth to be able to wrap the entire body. When done, secure it using cardboard from side to side for extra security. And if you have plans of storing the artwork for quite a while, then make sure you take it out occasionally for airing.

Transportation of the Artwork

Does it feel like you are in a tight enclosure when driving the artwork at the back of your car? With regards to transporting artwork, it is recommended to be ready for the worst. Make sure to put the artwork in a way that even if you need to take a sharp corner or brake all of a sudden, the artwork would remain firm and secure.

In an effort to avoid any objects falling on top of it, better put it on its side instead of laying it flat. For the best safety option throughout the move, secure it inside of a moving truck. Of course, make sure that you’ve done your research in advance.

Proper Storage

There are different types of artworks from paintings, sculptures, woodwork, tapestries and a lot more. All of which are requiring climate-controlled storage units to be able to prevent unexpected damage. Both humidity and temperature are the two critical elements that must be taken into account when storing artworks. So make sure that you watch out for these two and if necessary, consult with the storage facility administrators to ask what features they can offer.