Low-Cost Art for a Productive Family Law Office

Does your office have a bare wall that is crying out for an attractive painting? Well-chosen art can be a real eye-catcher for clients especially if you are a family law attorney helping clients through divorce or separation. By hanging art, you show that you dare to delve into their lives and hell answer questions like how long separation maintenance is asked under the law (Trennung Wartung wie lange). Viewing art teaches you to form your own opinion and to motivate it. You will be introduced to different perspectives that you can use for your clients and even in your own life. And with more and more affordable art hitting the market, now’s your time to upgrade your old office.

How To Choose The Right Art For Your Law Office

Determine the purpose of the artwork in advance

Hanging art is not only cozy, it also gives your office a character. Whether we are talking about the reception area, the work area, or the office pantry, an appealing painting changes the energy of the room. It is up to you to determine what energy you want to convey with your chosen artwork. Want to make the atmosphere less serious? Then look for a painting with humor and color. Do you like romance? Then take a work of art with warm colors and round shapes.

The importance of art in family law offices

It is advisable not to proceed without thinking. The painting above your office sofa or reception hall gives newcomers a first impression of the way you treat your clients. The artwork you choose is considered an expression of your character. That’s why determining the purpose of your painting is so important. You don’t want to unwittingly mislead your clients.

Immerse yourself in the different styles

Art comes in dozens of styles and forms. Art connoisseurs talk, for example, about abstract art, modern art, and figurative art. There is also a subdivision into black and white art and colorful art. If you are looking for a painting that suits your character, it is interesting to look for the underlying meaning of the different styles.

Black and white or art in color

Some general guidelines also apply with regard to color. A sober interior requires color, an interior in powder colors or pastel shades becomes less attractive with a brightly colored painting. In addition, colors can arouse certain emotions. Bright colors attract attention. Red in paintings often symbolizes passion, love, warmth, and romance. The color yellow in art makes you happy, while green often emphasizes freshness and nature. Currently, colorful art is very popular.

Choose a good size

When it comes to size, there are a number of guidelines that you can adhere to. Where in previous years the size 90×60 cm (wxh) was the maximum standard, we now see larger paintings much more often. The size 120×80 cm is currently the most sold. For offices with a large empty wall and a generous sofa, the 150×100 cm format is also very suitable. Most galleries and museums hang the center of the painting at a height of 1.45 m, measured from the floor. As an extra check for the correct size, you can keep in mind that after placing your painting at that height, there must be at least 40 cm of free space around the work. That way you prevent the overall picture from becoming cluttered. It is generally nicer if a painting is not wider than the object it hangs above. So a 90 cm conference table requires a painting with a maximum width of 80 cm.

Special formats

Do you have large free space above your office chair? Try hanging a panorama painting or a triptych here. These art forms create a spatial image, which makes the room appear larger. A large empty vertical wall requires an extra-large work of art, in other words, a real eye-catcher. Both a work of art in the square, portrait, or column are good options.