Features ad Designs that Distinguish San Jose Tow Trucks from Ordinary Tow Vehicles

U hen in search of a tow truck san jose motorists rely on to provide assistance that enables getting back on the road without waiting for hours, you can always find one no matter the time of day. It’s common for San Jose towing companies to stay open 24 hours a day, and always ready to respond to Bay Area callers, especially those calling from Los Altos and nearby areas.

The tow trucks in San Jose are ultra modern, and are actually sophisticated in designs. They come with innovative features not present in regular out of the block trucks. Actually the differences between ordinary tow trucks and the trucks San Jose tow operators deploy are considerably notable. They are powerful and sophisticated enough to haul with considerable ease, light to medium duty trucks, box vans, RVs and tractors even for long distances.

Additionally, they have features that allow them to offer commercial hauling services, including and drop shipping for San Jose retailers who prefer selling without need to maintain stock inventory. Not surprisingly, operators of tow trucks in San Jose can also offer forklift services.

Different Features and Desings of San Jose Tow Trucks

tow truck integrityTo make our point more vivid, let’s take a closer look at the different aspects that make San Jose tow trucks quite reliable.

Towing Capacity- Naturally the loading capacity of a reliable tow truck must be more than the vehicle or equipment being towed. Towing capacity of a reliable tow truck depends on the horsepower and the driving force that enables the truck to load the vehicle without risks of causing damage to both the truck or equipment being towed.

Driving Systems – A San Jose tow truck typically has three basic systems, namely the four-wheel drive, the rear or front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Having all these driving systems empower a tow truck to perform well on different terrains while maintaining fuel efficiency.

Curb Weight – This feature refers to the tow truck’s total weight while carrying a full tank. Drivers consider this important as it enables them to maintain overall fuel efficiency while managing to keep control of the all-inclusive weight of the tow truck.

Gears And Transmissions – The different ranges of gears and transmissions compared to ordinary trucks are also vital features. A tow truck’s transmission is the mechanism relied upon to generate maximum traction.

Chassis Design Since tow trucks must also be capable of handling emergency vehicle recovery, the truck’s overall design should possess the strength and integrity that enables better towing performance.