Different Types Of Art Styles For Your Home

We’ve talked about different types of art styles in the past blogs. From abstract art to figurative art, from colorful art to black and white art. But what was what again? In this blog, we will discuss the different art styles for your home side by side, so that you can more easily assess which style suits you best. You can also put a curtain design in your home that matches your art designs. For more details about curtain designs, please visit ‘Englander Line’.

Modern Art
Modern art dates back to the end of the 19 e century. Painters are increasingly demanding their own freedom and ignoring rules. Artists experiment by adding fantasies to realistic images. As a result, the reality is portrayed differently. This is accompanied by different materials and new applications of shapes. The choice of material and form is the basis for the expression of light, time, and emotion.

Colorful art
Color in paintings has never been thoughtlessly chosen. The painter is always very consciously choosing colors in paintings. And precisely because the color has been chosen with care, colorful art also has a clear message. Does the painter opt for striking colors, or does he paint in natural tones? Is the painting painted in warm tones, or does it give a cool look at the home? As we have already described, color has many different meanings. And there are at least as many different techniques for applying color to the painting.

Black and white art
Do you not like a splash of color on the wall at all? Then black and white art is a good choice. Because despite the lack of color, a black and white painting can completely pick up your room. The idea behind black and white paintings is that you expose the soul of the subject. Your attention is not distracted by shades of color. Black and white art is timeless, you can use it in all directions.

Figurative art
Figurative art is the opposite of abstract art. Visible reality is represented within the figurative art movement. Figurative art dating from the early 20 e century. Cubism, Fauvism, and Expressionism are the most important directions in figurative art. The Cobra group is home to a number of important contemporary artists.

Abstract art
The downside of figurative art is abstract art. In abstract art, the artist tries to depict visible reality in a different way, or even avoid it altogether. An abstract painting is a play of shapes, lines, materials, and colors, through which the emotion of the painter is brought to the fore.

Photography art
From the mid-20th e century photography widening acceptance as an art form. The photos are getting more and more penetrating and photographers try out different techniques to create the best photography art. In some cases, they manage to portray a photo so painterly that the result almost seems painted. Whether a photo can be labeled as art depends on whether the photo can trigger emotion in an independent audience.