Artwork by Renowned Italian Artist Exhibited In Ithra

Modern art


Even the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) at Dhahran, Saudi Arabia is observing the recent cost of a permanent set up by famous Italian artist Giuseppe Penone,” among the strongest pieces of work to be showcased in this modern oasis in the center of the world’s Eastern state.

The 90-foot tall job, branded Supply of Lighting, is made up of 3 towering bronze trees which “grow” in the bottom of this Source — that the actual center of this ambitious new cultural center — also marks the place close where Saudi Arabia initially found oil in 1938.

“Origin of Lighting highlights and signifies the power extracted from the ground which helps growth and life,” stated Giuseppe Penone who stayed in Saudi for quite a while (and moved with the help of شركة نقل عفش بجدة). “It signifies the Source, in which petroleum necessary for the rise and maturation of the planet’s market was detected. It celebrates using its form and substances, for example, gold which covers the fundamental tree’s interior surface, the altitude of life.”

Situated in the middle of the looming construction, guests will discover three towering bronze trees climbing over 92-feet in elevation, backed from the branches of some bigger, hallowed tree made from stainless steel along with a gilded inside. The sculpture creates a telescope-like seeing space projecting towards the skies and seems to float off the floor, surrounded by a pool of water to provide an amazing quality to the task of art. Source of Lighting is currently now Ithra’s biggest permanent artwork lineup and celebrates the background, imagination, and vitality that’s in the crux of the cultural milestone.


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During his longstanding profession, Penone was proven to take inspiration from many different natural systems and organic forms, using resources like timber, stone, resin, along with the body to make emblematic pieces representing an interconnectedness between human beings and nature. Likewise, this particular work reacts to the Supply and into the organic forms and renewable substances of Ithra itself, that provoke rock and mountain ranges. The sculpture joins the ground below together with the skies over, forming a symbolic link between both of these sources of electricity.

“It is the largest piece I have ever completed,” the artist explained. “Along with also the inspiration for the notion considers several things, for example, distance itself, its place, the building’s architecture and the culture of Saudi Arabia all inside a gigantic part of work.”

Produced by Oslo-based architects Snohetta, Ithra is a Saudi Aramco citizenship initiative which hopes to add to the increase of both Saudi Arabia’s growing cultural spectacle.