Artistic Mindfulness Day Treatment

There is an adult day treatment being supportive for average aged people and helps to address concerns of the mental health, handle stress, and revitalize positive directions for life.

A new approach in the treatment of mental health is an intense, adult day therapy that utilizes art therapies, psychotherapy, and mindfulness techniques. This approach derives from the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The purpose of this treatment is to carry on mindfulness in a creative way to be incorporated in the everyday life. This can be done through activities like writing, meditation, singing, walking, artistic photography, and other art forms.

Program Description

Generally, the program runs for three days and a half per week for around two to three months. The program will allow the mental health patients to:

  • Learn by performing things
  • Cooperate in discussion
  • Exhibit support to other patients
  • Learn to mobilize creativity and mindfulness through detailed practice.

Important things to know:

  1. In an hour-long intake appointment you will understand more regarding the program and identify if it gives you a beneficial effect.
  2. The transportation for going to and from the program will be shouldered by the patient.
  3. Aside from this mindfulness program, you still need to seek a psychiatrist and psychotherapist within your community.
  4. Health insurance covers this kind of program. The payment can also be done through medical biller like the ePsych

Program expectation

The daily program may be expected to offer the following:

  • Supportive therapy with a duration of 105 minutes which includes mindful action or meditation. It also contains a verification of the efforts to handle the symptoms and move forward to a more positive outlook in life.
  • A break of about 15-minute
  • Group education with a duration of 65-minute which introduce you to practice new techniques of self-empowerment.

Program for treatment

This program is designed for the treatment of the following:

  • Acceptance of difficult symptoms of depression, physical pain, anxiety or addictive urges
  • Link with your dreams, goals, and values in life
  • Achieve the appropriate support that you need to leap on the next steps forwarding to the creation of a more meaningful life
  • Learn to accept the changes in life
  • Be courageous to be social through new and healthy approaches
  • Handle emotions that combine with physical disturbance
  • Make healthy habits
  • Return the fun in your daily activities