He Said She Said

Cinema therapy is a great tool used for assessment. While there are a lot of adults who are benefiting from sharing their thoughts, emotions, dreams or problems in psychotherapy, most adolescents and children are having a hard time in expressing their feelings.

It’s more than what you Think


A response of a young child on movies however can help therapists in understanding the child’s:

  • Concerns
  • Interests
  • Personality and;
  • Current problems

Depending on the choice of movies of a child, psychologists are able to get clues to provide solutions to kid’s problems.

Because of this, movies made were carefully reviewed.

The Art of Using Movies for Treating Children’s Problems

In addition to that, films may be used in getting to the bottom line of the issues. Movies are providing common ground to discuss problems regarding school, love, anxiety, self-esteem, friendship or family. Issues may be addressed as well using external factors and seeing how a person in the movie is handling the situation can give children the idea on how they can handle their own problems.

There are a lot of films such as dreams that are filled with symbols and metaphors affecting us on another level. This is stimulating creativity and bilateral thinking which bridges the gap to subconscious and bypassing normal ego.