Far And Away

Sculptors have 4 basic techniques being used when working on a project. The processes are either additive or when a material is added or subtracted wherein a material is carved out or removed. Speaking of 4 techniques mentioned earlier, it all falls into carving, casting, modeling and assembling. Any of which helps them to come up with great sculpture design.

Number 1. Carving

This involves chipping or cutting away mass of wood, stone or any hard materials. It’s a subtractive process where the material is strategically removed.

Number 2. Casting

As for sculptures that are casted, it is usually made from materials that are melted down which oftentimes metal. Then once the metal is melted, it will be poured in the mold.

The mold is given the time to cool down and therefore, hardening the metal, normally bronze.

Casting on the other hand is a additive procedure.

Number 3. Modeling

Modeled sculptures are made when a malleable or soft material like clay is built up and shaped in order to create form.

Number 4. Assembly

Here, sculptors are gathering and joining all other materials in an effort to assemble the sculpture. Assembling is basically an additive process.

All these techniques are used somewhere in the process of sculpting.