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On the subject of 3D computer graphics, 3D modeling is focused on the process of generating mathematical representation of any 3D object or surface. This is regardless if the subject is living or inanimate. The process is typically done by utilizing specialized software in which the end result is referred to as “3D model”.

And with regards to the process of 3D rendering, there are 3 major elements to being used and these are Solid, Shell/Boundary and Software.


These models are defining the object’s volume it is representing.

Despite the reason that it is hard to build, it is capable of creating a more realistic outcome.

Solid models are utilized often for visual simulations such as in the field of engineering and medicine. In addition to that, they are being used for specialized visual applications and CAD similar to constructive solid geometry and ray tracing.


When this model is used, it is oftentimes meant to represent the surface or boundary of an object and not the volume. Compared to solid, this is easier to work. Nearly all visual models that are used both in video games and movies are basically shell models.


Next in this list would be the software that’ll be used in rendering 3D models. With the availability of software, it allows architects and engineers to do great number of things from:

  • Inspection
  • Designing
  • Managing engineering projects

Most software also support solid modeling along with boundary representation or also called as B-Rep.