Stationery Noted

For sculptors, the workplace is extremely important as it is where they make their ideas come to life. One of the vital things that should not be taken for granted would be the flooring. After all, the clay that will be worked on with is non-toxic. Thus, it could be used in any area of the studio or home. On the other hand, dropped pieces could mix in with the carpet and it’s impossible to get it off of the ground.

Protecting Your Ground

It can be hard as well to take it off on hardwood flooring due to the reason that wood is a porous material.

Your best option here is to work on top of either concrete or tile in which the bits of clay dropped can be scraped off easily.

If it is not feasible, then it will be ideal to buy a drop cloth or perhaps, a plastic tarp in protecting the floors. You might like to wear old clothes or invest in a work apron that could get messy particularly when you are moving on to molding your piece.

What You Need?

You would need a table in order to work on which is at least 12 x 12 inches and with adjustable chair to keep you away from hurting your back for hunching over or standing for extended period of time.