Santa S List

Art serves as a reflection of life and society. Movies, on the other hand, are typically deemed as a modern way of expressing art. Different genres of movies can make us cry, love and even enlighten us.

Almost every year, there are countless of movies being made in the industry but not everyone are the same. There are others that are miles ahead and topping the charts and others are being kicked out of box office. There are movies that are getting viral and turn out to be a hot topic for critics while others are barely noticed.

The reason why movies are becoming the talk of the town is that, it successfully hit the standards of a good movie.

Touch our Feelings

Movie should be able to touch our hearts and make us think or talk about it rather than becoming a pastime. It must have the ability to inspire and teach us and provoke our emotions.


A movie must teach us something new. These days, movies are deemed to be among the effective tools of education in teaching people about issues.

Mirroring the Society

Any good movie should be capable of inspiring people and give elements of encouragements to have overcome barriers and bridge gaps successfully.